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Spook Hill Wines are produced at Cadell which is situated 2 hours drive north-east of Adelaide in South Australia. The Cadell Valley is a former oxbow of the Murray River now bypassed by the current river channel. Silt deposited in this ancient river valley contributes to the unique terroir of the area.

The Spook Hill Vineyard has provided the fruit for Silent Partner Shiraz since the 1999 vintage. In that time our wines have achieved six amateur medals including ‘Wine of The Show’ and now three commercial wineshow medals for Silent Partner Shiraz.


Cadell Heritage Centre

(Old Central Irrigation Trust Office)


Corner McGuire Terrace and Dearden Tce

Open 3rd Sunday of the month from 12noon

This building was built in the 1930s and was an important place in the town as it was where growers would order their water for irrigations. The Water Master and ‘Water Joeys’ took the water orders and were responsible for the operation of the channel irrigation system. One room of the building was also used as a residence by a school headmaster in the 1930s and the verandahs were used to cater for the Cadell Bowling Club until the 1960s.

The Cadell Heritage Centre has historical and environmental displays about Cadell and also has tourist information. Cadell was established in 1919 as part of the Soldier Settlements Schemes along the Murray River. The Centre features photos and displays about the original settlement, the construction of channel irrigation and the settler’s daily lives. Groups welcome. The Centre is open for bookings. Please phone 0484 767 236.


2019 Murray River Giant Pumpkin Competition – Easter Saturday morning Pumpkin Weigh-in at Morgan Lion’s Easter Bazaar.

Have you ever wanted to grow the biggest vegetable that takes the grand prize as return trip to San Francisco, USA. Well now is the time to have your chance to win and take part in the Murray River Giant Pumpkin Competition.




The Liebich’s were born into winemaking and have been custodians of quality vineyards and winemaking since 1919. Our winemaker, Ron, has been making wines in the Barossa for over 50 years. Together with his wife, Janet, they continue this long tradition and passion for sharing great wine, food and company. Our name is pronounced Lee-BICK wine, meaning “I love wine” in German. We want you to love wine as much as we do!

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